getting bicycles to kids

This is the start of something big, or something small….

We ( Jan and I ) love bicycles and want to get new or gently used bikes to kids who need them.

This is a club, or a foundation that you can join.  Give a kid a bike and send a picture.  Or send a donation and we will find a kid and get a bike.

Here’s our logo, like our foundation it needs work… That’s OK cause this year at least three kids will get bikes for Christmas.

oops, I forgot the second wheel :)

oops, I forgot the second wheel 🙂

Someday we may be tax exempt, but today we just want to help some kids.

Bill Webb Figurehead, 2wheels2kids

Jan Webb CEO, 2wheels2kids




5 thoughts on “getting bicycles to kids

  1. Hi- I could have a go at the logo if you like – provide you don’t mind waiting until the New Year? By the way, have you thought of crowdsourcing? Some great sites out there. I haven’t looked into it hard myself, but it seems like the kind of project which might do well. 🙂

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