Year 1

From an idea to international action:

We have three bikes lined up:

1) In Chicago

2) In Ontario Canada

3) In the US West


That’s our budget for this year – now we wait for Christmas.

Hopefully we will get a picture of the bike and the recipient and we will post those on the blog.

In the meantime we will work on a logo, tax free status, maybe T-shirts and a fund raiser.

For lifetime membership in the club, donate or give a bike where it is needed and send a picture.

God Bless

Bill and Jan Webb


16 thoughts on “Year 1

      • haha, I’d love that πŸ˜€ …can help out in Eastern Europe (Baltic countries + Estonia) and in Africa (Ghana)…I’d like to donate too.

      • great! You’re hired, but the salary is only smiles πŸ™‚

        Since we hit our budget of three bikes this year, unless others buy one locally and send a pic which would bump our count – we can start thinking of next year. How fun !

      • ok – assignment 1:

        for next year, what would we expect the cost of a bike to be in Ghanna, and in Estonia – I fugure about $250.00 US for one in the US.

        If we could raise some funds, how would we distribute and ensure the bikes reached the intended audiance.

        Of course, this can only be done AFTER you spend quality time with your wonderful family, and do all your thesis work πŸ™‚

      • ok – remember we start small, and never borrow money, the first year we may be only able get one or two.

        Did you know Hemingway wrote every day for a few hours with the goal of one good page per day ? He too took small steps to get started – πŸ™‚

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