foundationary thoughts

Some thoughts on the foundation:

( Possible ) Mission Statement: To put new or gently used bicycles into the hands of children who need them.


How to discern good candidates for bicycles, do we need two references ?

We would like to be totally transparent with finances on the web page – post our finances in public

Is 90% of funding toward bicycles sustainable ?

Should we do a fund raiser? What ?

Should we deliver bikes whenever we have funding, or pick a spring/summer date and a winter/Christmas date

How can we do business, should we find local bike shops – try to get a value from a vendor

Never borrow money, just wait if we fall short

Stay people focused

What are realistic goals
year one was three bikes financed by us
should our five year goal be fifteen bikes, 100 bikes, 1,000 bikes

Do we have any liability – how do we manage that, do we need to add helmets to go with the bikes ?

Can we do T-shirts for volunteers who donate a bike and send a picture

Things to get:

Bank Account ( check )
Logo – ( need a new/improved )
Letterhead ( the State needs it to apply )
Register with the state
Register with the IRS for tax exempt

Lots of questions, still it’s fun to see if we can make it go.






10 thoughts on “foundationary thoughts

      • Well one thing…by being tax exempt, I believe what your saying is that you want to become a charitable org that can issue tax receipts?

        If so, I wonder if that is something you need to rush into…I mean most people dont give because they’ll get a tax break and how would issue receipts for people who just send you a photo to prove they donated a bike? Or would you (I hope not)

        Maybe at the beginning it’s more about starting a movement? You could start a facebook page where people could post their pics on your page themselves? Maybe you target cycling enthusiasts first somehow?

        I really like 2 wheels 2 kids…very clever. I also like your logo concept. Maybe a creative friend could design it for you?

      • you mean…. I’m not creative 🙂

        I agree on the tax idea – I just don’t know enough about it, and I don’t want the government to tax it like a business. Good point about facebook – although I am loathe to go there, it makes sense.
        Good idea, we could at start with bike clubs.

        Keep your eyes open up there for next year 🙂

        thanks – please feel free to offer up any thoughts you have.

  1. I think I’ve not seen the logo but if you need a new one you can get a graphic designer to do it for you for just 5 $ on….just choose a designer and send an order and you have your new logo within few days. Tried it for my blog. Going to think about rest of the questions. 🙂

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